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Escalle Photo Page

Jackie Fournier
Taken in Hautes Alpes, France

Ed Antoine & Rose Allec
Canadian Hautes Alpers

Jean-Joseph Ganguet and Lea-Lydie-Marie Escalle
Photo probably taken at family ranch in Montana

Louis Antoine and Marguerite Allec
Picture probably taken in Manitoba, Canada

Louise Escalle-Mazet, Ernestine Escalle-Barre & Lea Escalle-Ganguet
Taken at the Pete and Victoria Rachou ranch in Montana

Lydie Escalle
Daughter of Jean-Joseph Escalle and unknown mother

Marie-Louise Ganguet and _________ Fournier
Marriage picture probably taken in Gap, they were later divorced

Marie-Louise Ganguet and Eugene Fontany
Marie-Louise Ganguet-Fournier-Fontany, Lea Ganguet-Roux, Eugene Fontany, Robert Roux, and Michel Roux

Marie-Louise Ganguet
Probably taken in her late teens in late 1920's

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